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The Importance of Positive Peoples

Mara and Danny

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my old coworkers Mara and her husband Danny, over dinner at a little place called Cabana Nuevo Latino.  I worked very closely with Mara for about a year, and over that year we became good friends, trading stories of past experiences in life and love. I arrived a little ahead of them that evening, so I sat down at the bar and ordered a mojito and started feeling…. a little nervous to be honest.  I found myself trying to rehearse in my mind the things I really wanted to talk about with them that evening (I was in desperate need of their advice about several things going on in my world), as after Mara left the company where we worked together, she and Danny started a blog together, A Blog About Love (ablogaboutlove.com), that after they launched it became a raging success overnight (you will see why after you read it, it’s fantastic) so free time isn’t something they have much of these days.  My nervousness of wanting to make the most of my evening with them may seem a little odd considering that we are indeed very good friends but there is something you need to know about Mara and Danny, they are extraordinary people.

Now I know people say this all the time, how great their friends or loved ones are, but until I met Mara and Danny I had never in my life encountered two people so…powerful. This power they have, which materializes as a sort of positive energy that just radiates off of them when you are around them, is undeniable, inspiring and even a little intimidating at times.  Not only are they some of the most kind and loving people you will ever encounter, they are also some of the strongest.  Both Danny and Mara faced and overcame situations and experiences in their past that most of us could never even imagine facing or recovering from, let alone writing about afterwards in hopes of helping others, yet they did, but that is their story to tell which you can read all about in their blog, A Blog About Love.  However, what struck me as I was walking home after dinner that night, was how easy it is to forget how important having positive people in our lives, like Danny and Mara, truly is.

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