Fuzzy Friday – UPDATE!

What the NUT!  Where did Fuzzy Friday GO???

What the NUT! Where did Fuzzy Friday GO???

So as some of you may have noticed, Fuzzy Friday has been, well, delayed for a little while…..

Leaving some of you feeling a little like this turtle….

photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

Um….did you forget about us?

or this squirrel….

AHEM!  I'm Waiting!

AHEM! I’m Waiting!

or this bear……

Save your excuses....WTF!

Save your excuses….WTF! (What The Fuzzy!)

However after a small hiatus I am pleased to announce the return of the ever so fantastic Fuzzy Friday!

This news might leave you feeling a little shocked at first….


Woah…really?!?!  Minds.Blown.

But after the realization sets in that indeed you can look forward to more uninterrupted Fuzzy Friday posts….


Our hope is you start feeling a little like this….



and this…



annnd like this….

Best. Day. Ever.

Best. Day. Ever.

So get excited for lots more Fuzzy Fridays coming your way….

Ah YEAH!  High FIVE!


And please forgive us for not being around for a little while….

please, please forgive....

please, please forgive….


Because, well…..We Missed YOU TOO!!!

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