Sweet Treat for Kids: Cupcake Cones

cups2 As some of you know, my
boyfriend and I are regular volunteers with New York Cares and are
especially fond of a program called Urban Adventures.  Urban
Adventures is a monthly program where we take public school
elementary students on difference adventures around New York
City.  I definitely need to post some updates on what we have
been up to the last six months but before I do that I HAVE to share
with you a dessert I made for our Urban Adventures students this
past weekend! Our last Urban Adventure actually was held at their
public school in East Harlem where a Magician the kids had seen
perform last June in Central Park agreed to visit and put on a
private kidsshow for the kids. 
Volunteer wise this was a pretty low key activity however the group
leader did request we all bring a dessert for a little party for
the kids after the magic show.  I was trying to think of
something fun and creative to make for the students when I saw a
posting on Facebook about a fun kids dessert to make, Cupcake
Cones.  This recipe was not only SUPER easy and incredibly fun
to make the kids absolutely went bananas for them which of course
was the most rewarding part of all!! This sweet treat is VERY easy
and cute to BOOT! Cupcake Cones: Step 1- Preheat your oven to 350
degrees Step 2- make (or buy) your preferred cupcake batter to fill
your cones.  Because I had to make three dozen cupcake cones I
decided to make both chocolate and vanilla from recipes I found
online. You can access the recipes I used here: The Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe
and The Best Homemade Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
, both came out deliciously!! Step 3- Fill each flat
bottomed ice cream cone 2/3 full with batter (being sure to use
flat bottomed cones is  very important because it makes them
MUCH easier to bake, especially if you are like me and  don’t
already have cupcake or muffin tins in your cupboard) Step 4-Stand
the cupcake cones next to each other in a baking dish or on a
baking sheet, I used a baking dish because it was easier to fit all
the cones together in the dish with some resting against the sides,
preventing them from toppling over while they are baking! Step 5-
Bake the cones for about 25-35 minutes (or until you can insert a
toothpick in the center of the cupcake cones and it comes out
clean.) Step 6- let cupcake cones cool for about 30-45 minutes Step
7- Frost the top of each cupcake cone, add some sprinkles if you
would like, and enjoy!! ** For the frosting I used the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations which
allowed me to easily make several different flavors of frosting
making the cupcake cones that much cuter with all the different
colors and flavor choices!!  cupcake

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