Fuzzy Friday: Suni vs Boo Boo For The Title of World’s Smallest Dog!!

Boo Boo (right) sizes up her newest competitor, the teeny tiny terrier Suni (left)

Back in April we featured the fierce and fluffy Chihuahua, Milly, who was threatening to give Boo Boo, also a Chihuahua and current title holder of the Worlds Smallest Dog, a run for her money.  Well, although Milly the pint sized puppy was indeed a credible threat and is still in the running, as of today Boo Boo still reins supreme with her puffy paws holding tight to her very coveted title.  However, Boo Boo better watch her back because there is new contender in town, a three month old terrier from Poland who has become the talk of the town and may just be next in line for the title of Worlds Smallest Dog.

Meet Suni, a terrier so tiny that when she was born she almost ended up in the trash, after Anna Phol, the dogs owner, mistook the poor little puppy for a piece of placenta.  In an interview with the Gazeta Jarocinska, Phol admits that, “When her mother Pushia started giving birth to her litter, I thought at first she had passed a piece of placenta and was about to throw it away when it suddenly started moving.”  Well luckily for the pint sized Polish pupster, Pohl realized her mistake before it was too late and committed to keeping the 1.58 ounce terrier alive, feeding Suni every hour day and night.

Today the teeny-weeny three month old terrier weighs in at 3.25 ounces and veterinarians who have seen Suni say they don’t think she will grow much more in the months to come.  As you can imagine this has Boo Boo feeling frantic wondering if this Polish puffball will be the one to finally take her title of the Worlds Smallest Dog.  However  Boo Boo, standing at only 4 inches tall, 6.5 inches long and weighing 1.5 pounds will have to wait until Suni reaches the ripe old age of one year before she will officially know what will become of her title.  With Suni in the spotlight, Milly in the wings, and Boo Boo anxiously looking on, these three fantastic fuzzballs will have tounges and tails wagging all over town as the world waits to see who indeed will be The Wolds Smallest Dog!!  Congratulations Suni, with your tiny terrier face and pint sized puppy paws it was clear you were the perfect pick for this weeks Fuzzy Friday Feature!!

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