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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I just wanted to wish all you Lucky Penny Reader’s a very safe and Happy Halloween!!  Although hurricane Sandy has put Halloween on hold here in New York City with celebrations rescheduled for next week  so we can recover from the storm, that still didn’t stop John and I from doing a little celebrating on our own!!  On Saturday we made our way out to Long Island to Stakey’s Pumpkin Patch (my personal favorite, not only do you pick the pumpkins off the vine but even better, their motto is “Friendly Pumpkins Since 1976”-too cute!) and it seems we did our pumpkin picking just in time!  We still have two more to carve tonight and I will be sure to post what we come up  with in tomorrow’s post but here is what we have so far that we carved last night……

And of course we had to bake and decorate a few cookies…..

Also check out this hilarious video about how to trade your Halloween Candy from, it may come in handy for those of you who will be out and about, celebrating and trick or treating tonight!!

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Helping Cry by Murray Lancaster

Helping Cry

by Murray Lancaster

A little girl who was late coming home for supper. Her mother made the expected irate parent’s demand to know where she had been.

The little girl replied that she had stopped to help Janie, whose bicycle was broken in a fall.

“But you don’t know anything about fixing bicycles,” her mother responded.

“I know that,” the girl said. “I just stopped to help her cry.”

Not many of us know anything about fixing bicycles, either. And when our friends have fallen and broken, not their bicycles but their lives, none of us knows how to fix that. We simply cannot “fix” someone else’s life, even though that’s what we would like most to do.

But like the little girl, we can stop to help them cry. That is the best we can do. And that is a lot!

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