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Fuzzy Friday: Lonesome George and Mugly!

Happy Fuzzzzzzy Friday!!  This week was packed full of stories of our fuzzy and not so fuzzy friends in the news.   Although the options were plentiful when deciding on this weeks Fuzzy Friday Feature, two individuals really stood out in my mind, one for being the last of his kind in the world, the other for being the ugliest.  So without further ado I present to you Lonesome George and Mugly, one sadly is a story of loss while the other a tail of victory.

It is a sad day when we have to say goodbye to one of our, in this case, not so furry friends.  It’s even sadder when his passing represents the extinction of his subspecies.  Meet Lonesome George, a giant tortoise who for the last one hundred years was a resident of the Galapagos Islands and who passed away on June 24th, 2012 of old age.   Lonesome George was the very last of the Pinta Island giant tortoise subspecies, a subspecies that was wiped out due to hunting by the end of the 19th century.  It was assumed that the hunting of the subspecies had extinguished it completely and it wasn’t until 1971 when scientists discovered Lonesome George that there was a renewed hope to revitalize the Pinta Island Tortises.  However, although countless efforts were made to mate the male with other tortoise subspecies, there was no success in producing viable offspring.  Lonesome George will be forever remembered for his gentle demeanor and fierce fight to the finish trying to save his subspecies from extinction.

Our second Fuzzy Friday Feature this week comes to us all the way from Petaluma, California and who just won the title of ‘Worlds Ugliest Dog’.  Mugly is an 8 year old Chinese Crested who is a rescue dog and although he is basking in the limelight today, it hasn’t always been such an easy road for this fierce, fuzzless, freckled friend. I thought perhaps to lighten the mood a bit after reflecting on the loss of Lonesome George a great way to end this post would be with a tribute to Mugly’s recent victory with a little poem i wrote using some info I read about him online 🙂

There once was a dog named Mugly,

who didn’t have very much hair

Although people said he was fugly,

he seemed not to mind it or care

His face was a little bit wrinkled,

his whiskers looked more like hair plugs

And although his temper’s quite mild,

he once was accosted by thugs.

Yet Mugly pushed through all the hard times,

was rescued and now works with kids

And today he is famous for no other dog

has a face quite as ugly as his.

Congrats to Mugly! I hope you have a great weekend everyone.   I am on the road next week, taking a west coast road trip so I hope everyone has a very happy and safe 4th of July and I cant wait to share all my upcoming adventures with you when I am back!

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New York Cares Urban Adventures: Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink

Well yesterday was officially the last day for public schools for the school year here in NYC and unfortunately that means the end of New York Cares Urban Adventures until the fall. A few weeks ago, I gathered with my fellow Urban Adventure volunteers and the amazing students we work with, to celebrate the end of a successful year of some pretty awesome Urban Adventures. From a scavenger hunt at the American Museum of Natural History, ice skating at Lasker Rink, walrus watching at the New York Aquarium, to our estuary exploration at Alley Pond (just to name a few), this years Urban Adventures took us all over the city and beyond.  Although I am sad to say goodbye for the summer, I can’t begin to express how fortunate I feel to have been part of such a great group of volunteers this past school year but even more, it was an honor to be able to work with such an incredible group of hard working kids.

For our last Urban Adventure of the year we all gathered together at the Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink in Central Park.  Although the sun played peek-a-boo through the clouds that day, spirits were high as we ran around with the students, riding rides and just having some plain, old fashioned fun. My boyfriend, who was in town that weekend and was actually the one who introduced me to the Urban Adventure program, was able to join us, making it an even more special day for me and the kids.  I am a big believer that being a kid at heart is a good thing and that “kid” came out as I flew down the slides, swung on the swings, and laughed and played with the students all afternoon.  The day was over far too quickly however it was a wonderful way to end such an amazing year of adventures with the kids.  I can’t wait until the fall when we all meet up again for our next round of Urban Adventures with New York Cares, but until then here are some pictures of our last adventure of the year.  Enjoy!

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Inspirational Lucky Pennies

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