Fuzzy Friday: Iceberg The Orca and Crazy Colored Crabs!!

Happy Fuzzy Friday everyone!!  This week, Fuzzy Friday is a little more fishy then fuzzy as a lot of exciting news came out about our friends who live under the sea and stream.  From an all white killer whale, to new species of red and purple crabs, our fishy friends dominated the headlines. Although each on their own is quite special and unique, together they make one pretty fantastic Fuzzy Friday Feature, so let’s get to it!

Meet Iceberg, the first ever known all white male orca in the world, recently spotted swimming in the Pacific Ocean with a pod of 12 other orcas off the coast of Russia. CNN reports that scientists in Moscow are extremely excited about this new discovery and although, according to Eric Hoyt, the co-director of the Far East Russia Orca Project, two other white orcas have been seen in the area, Iceberg is the first fully grown male.  Scientists are still unsure of the cause of Iceberg’s all white color, speculating he may be an albino however it also could be caused by some other reason which they won’t know more about until they are able to study the whale a little closer.  Iceberg, the estimated 16 year old white orca, is special not only because of his all white color but it’s also what he represents to the scientific community which Hoyt stated is, “a symbol of all that is pure, wild and extraordinarily exciting about what is out there in the ocean waiting to be discovered.”

In other news, four new species of crab have been discovered in the Philippines, sporting shells of bright red and purple.  According to MSNBC, scientists from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Germany came upon the new species of freshwater crabs during part of their Aqua Palawan research program.  The four new species of crab live only on the island of Palawan as the sea keeps them from leaving the island, needing freshwater for all their stages of development. Congratulations to Iceberg the Orca and the four new species of crazy colored crabs on being this weeks Fuzzy Friday Feature!! With your elusive lifestyles and recent discovery, you are proof that we still have so much more to learn about and discover in this fantastically fuzzy and fishy world.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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