Deep Within You Stands A Warrior by Kiplimo Chemirmir

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Deep Within You Stands A Warrior

March 28, 2014

Believe In Yourself.

“Tough people dare when others doubt. Believe in yourself for the walls around you do not define the will within you. See everything that you face in life as a test; face it because your heart wants what’s beyond it. Embrace your results and never give less than what you expect, and always remember in your own ways – You are powerful, you can do it, and you are a champion.”

— Kiplimo Chemirmir – Kenyan Warrior

Here is a little bit of wisdom from a young warrior who’s humbled by life:

In my tribe we believe that beneath our skin stands a warrior. Our ultimate belief is that there’s a shield and spear that is grasped by the warrior within us, which must always hang in the walls our hearts. We can only use them to protect ourselves and never hurt anyone in any way at all; to fight bravely but only for peace and victory that builds our lives from poverty and all that weakens us.

We must hunt for our goals and never cry when we are wounded by failure or disappointments. To be brave and never forget to be wise with our strength because your greatest enemy is yourself, so the choices that you make in life make sure none of them will make you dig your own grave.

Never use that spear to beat or hurt yourself, nor use the shield to hide from your battles. Use it for its purpose and for what’s right. Always fight a good fight when life brings you challenges, for sometimes life is a beast that must be tamed. And, if this beast bring troubles that are mightier than your strength, remember a wise warrior listens keenly to those who advise him, but he never lets anyone decide for him.

You are the maker of your own destiny, fighting is in your spirit, valor is in your heart, endurance is in your blood… and this is why you must always believe in yourself, for deep within you stands a warrior who cannot be defeated easily.

You were born to be a warrior and this you will always will be; this is your birthright, you mustn’t deny it. So do not fail yourself because of fear nor what’s standing before you; the fighter in you defines you.

So fight back. Strive for a better life, strive for peace, strive to become and never settle, for in life we are growing and so it should be all that we live for. All is possible if you don’t run away but in believing in whom you are within to overcome and choosing to live the life you want.

In the tribe, I hail to become a warrior who’s destined to be an elder. A boy must go through a gruesome rite of passage; for me, it will take a book to write them all down, but the last day was the highlight of it.

I was fourteen years old when my time came. The last week of the gruesome month of December was when I had to face a lion to complete the passage.

I remember that day like it was one second ago, standing breathless with my spear, a dagger on my hip, a quiver with twenty tranquilizing arrows hanging tightly on my back.

My bow fell somewhere while stalking the lion. The lion turned back roaring and staring at me with those fiery eyes that pierce the soul of its prey. Even thunder has never made my heart stop like in that moment. Being there, it wasn’t about courage; it was about destiny.

What made me stand there strong and ready to charge is who I was, told by my elders I have and I am inside.

I grew up being taught to believe in the warrior within more than anything or anyone in my life. It is hope, courage, strength and all that shapes a man to bring out his best, to rely on who I am within, that has always given me triumph no matter the circumstances.

That glorious day, the way the lion stared at me, it saw it too.

I could see a slice of fear on its face, which made me even braver than I felt within. I was only a young boy at that moment but I didn’t feel like I was a boy or young, weak or anything, I felt the spirit of the warrior breathing with the will that says, “Today we will wear the soul of a lion and live with valor of the lion and roar through all the rest of our lives.”

To this day defeat or failure never hurts because if I let them control me, I will be betraying the warriors path that I grew up following.

My friend when you are alive, just like the lion, you must never stop hunting.


— Copyright © 2014 Kiplimo Chemirmir – Kenyan Warrior

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The Best Meal I Ever Had by Joseph J. Mazzella

The Best Meal I Ever Had

By Joseph J. Mazzella

“What was the most delicious meal you ever had?” That was the question in an online survey that popped up on my screen the other day. I moved my mouse over and clicked out of the survey, but the question stayed with me. As I thought about it only one answer came to my mind: Ramen noodles.

It happened years ago during Hurricane Sandy when 3 feet of wet, heavy snow hit the mountains of my home. Trees were snapped, power lines were down, and my children and I were stuck in the house bundled up in coats and shivering in the cold. We had no heat, no lights, no television, no telephone, and no internet. The meat in the freezer had already gone bad and any food that wasn’t spoiled had already been eaten. All the stores were closed due to the storm too. I felt shaky from not eating and when I looked in my youngest son’s eyes I could see how hungry he was as well.

Thankfully, though, I still had several bags of Ramen noodles. Taking them and an old pot I walked over to my Dad’s house. He had lost power too but still had his propane grill to cook with. I set the noodles simmering on the eye of it and watched them slowly boil. Trudging back through the snow I held the pot gingerly. Then I poured myself, daughter and sons each a big bowl of them. They were so delicious. We ate and ate until our hunger faded and then sat around the table and smiled at each other. It was the best meal I ever had. We all felt so happy at that moment and our joy only grew greater when the power came back on later that night.

I learned something special too from that meal. I learned that the greatest happiness comes from a grateful heart. Since then I have been more and more thankful to God for every blessing in my life. I thank Him for every sunny day, every meal, every smile, and every bird singing in the trees. I thank Him for my heat, lights, and all the modern conveniences we too often take for granted. I thank Him for each new day he gives me here to live, to learn, and to love. I thank Him for His love. And I thank Him too for every adversity and challenge that comes my way, because I have learned to use them as well to grow stronger, better, and kinder.

May your best meal always be the one you are eating right now. May the best you always be the person you are right now. And may you always live with a grateful heart full of love, joy, and God.


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Fuzzy Friday!

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